Beiträge zur wissenschaftlichen Erforschung außergewöhnlicher Erfahrungen und Phänomene

[Crossing frontiers. Contributions to the scientific exploration of exceptional experiences and phenomena]

Edited by Eberhard Bauer and Michael Schetsche

On behalf of the Institute for Frontier Areas of Psychology and Mental Health (IGPP)

The intention of this series is to inform a wide audience, beyond specific scientific and academic communities, in German-speaking countries about current results and problems of research in frontier areas.
The series is supposed to document aswell as to set standards in the scientific exploration of paranormal and other extraordinary experiences  and phenomena. The intended high academic level of contributions will be combined with a high degree of comprehensibility even outside the corresponding specialized subject areas.
For years to come contributions from various scientific disciplines as well as interdisciplinary works shall be published in regular sequence - monographs - anthologies - conference reports. The focus wil be on socio-scientific, cultural-studies and humanities perpectives of the frontier sciences and anomaly research.


Volume 1: Eberhard Bauer and Michael Schetsche (Ed.) (2003). Alltägliche Wunder Erfahrungen mit dem Übersinnlichen - wissenschaftliche Befunde.
[Everyday miracles: Experiences with the supernatural - scientific findings.]

Paranormal experiences are more common than the public and science hitherto assumed. This is only one result of the most comprehensive empirical investigation into exceptional experiences in Germany to date. The most important findings are published in this volume.

ISBN: 3-89913-311-0    193 Pages   Price: 27,00 Euro

Volume 2: Gerhard Mayer (2003). Schamanismus in Deutschland. Konzepte - Praktiken - Erfahrungen.
[Shamanism in Germany. Concepts - Practices - Experiences]

This volume offers an overview on shamanistic concepts, practices and experiences in the Geman-speaking areas. Ensuing a systematic survey of the various forms of shamanism and of the most common introductory offers, in the main part of this volume the results of a field study are presented.

ISBN: 3-89913-306-4   165 Pages   Price: 24,00 Euro

Volume 3: Michael Schetsche (Ed.)(2004). Der maximal Fremde. Begegnungen mit dem Nichtmenschlichen und die Grenzen des Verstehens.
[The maximum stranger. Confrontations with non-human-actors and the limits of understanding.]

This conference volume comprises the contributions to an interdisciplinary conference on "the maximum stranger". It is asking for the possibility (or impossibility) of interaction with non-human actors. How alien may gods and ghosts, angels and demons extra-terrestrials and artificial intelligences be, so that we are still able to communicate with them?

ISBN: 3-89913-415-X    218 Pages   Price: 29,00 Euro

Volume 4: Frank-Rutger Hausmann. (2006). Hans Bender (1907-1991) und das "Institut für Psychologie und Klinische Psychologie" an der Reichsuniversität Straßburg 1941-1944.
[Hans Bender and the Institute for Psychology and Clinical Psychology at the "Reichsuniversität Straßburg"]

In the present investigation all stages of Hans Benders career until the end of the "Reichsuniversität Straßburg" in November 1944  are documented in detail on the basis of hitherto unknown archive materials.

ISBN: 3-89913-530-X    172 Pages    Price: 29,00 Euro

Volume 5: Kathrin Fischer (2007). Das Wiccatum. Volkskundliche Nachforschungen zu heidnischen Hexen im deutschsprachigen Raum.
[Wicca. European ethnological inquiries into neo-pagan witches in the German-speaking area]

Based on a comprehensive empirical investigation this issue introduces the reader into the magical, ritual and everyday-world of the neo-pagan witches in the German-speaking area.

ISBN: 973-89913-583-3    291 Pages   Price: 37,00 Euro

Volume 6: Gerhard Mayer (2008). Arkane Welten. Biografien, Erfahrungen und Praktiken zeitgenössischer Magier.
[Arcane Worlds. Biographies, experiences and practices of contemporary magicians]

On the basis of a field study this volume presents the biographical backgrounds and individual understanding of magic of contemporary magicians, including different aspects of magical practice. In addition an overview of currently relevant magical disciplines as well as important forms of magical practices is given.

ISBN: 978-89913-618-0   311 Pages    Price: 38,00 Euro

Volume 7: Ina Schmied-Knittel (2008). Satanismus und ritueller Missbrauch. Eine wissenssozioligische Diskursanalyse.
[Satanism and satanic ritual abuse. A discourse analysis from the field of the sociology of knowledge]

This volume is concerned with a specific problem discourse related to satanism and analyzes the development, backgrounds and actors of the issue of ritual abuse.

ISBN 978-3-89913-670-8   179 Pages   Price: 28,00 Euro

Volume 8: René Gründer, Michael Schetsche & Ina Schmied-Knittel (Hrsg.) (2009). Der andere Glaube. Europäische Alternativreligionen zwischen heidnischer Spiritualität und christlicher Leitkultur.
[The other faith. Alternative religions in Europe between pagan spirituality and christian "Leitkultur"]

Based on the latest case studies from Italy, Germany, Latvia, Ukraine and the Netherlands, the anthology compares the emergence contexts, worldviews, religious norms and social functions of contemporary alternative religious movements of european origin.

ISBN 978-3-89913-688-3   196 Pages   Price: 29,00 Euro

 Volume 9: René Gründer (2010). Blótgemeinschaften – Eine Religionsethnografie des ‚germanischen Neuheidentums’
[René Gründer (2010). Blót-communities – A religious ethnography of “germanic neopaganism”]

Religio-sociological field research allows for a unique insight into belief-systems, forms of beliefs and ritualistic practice of contemporary Asatru-religions in German-speaking areas.

ISBN 978-3-89913-798-9   403 Pages   Price: 46,00 Euro

Volume 10: Wolfgang Ambach (Ed.) (2012). Experimentelle Psychophysiologie in Grenzgebieten 
[Experimental psychophysiology in frontier areas]
What is underlying the reports of anomalous experiences? A range of research approaches is investigating this controversial questions by means of laboratory experiments which include a physiological measurement. Eleven scientists explain, illustrate, and discuss this direction of research.
ISBN 978-3-89913-910-5   342 Pages    Price: 44,00 Euro

Further volumes are in progress

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