Fields of Expertise

The scientific team of the department is available for presentations, publications, expert opinions and cooperations concerning the following subject areas:

  1. Exceptional Experiences
    Déjà-vu, Near-Death-Experiences, Prophetic Dreams, UF0-Sightings and Alien Encounters

  2. World-Views, Belief-Systems and Practices
    Astrology, Occultism, Magic, Paranormal Beliefs

  3. Religious Movements, Scenes and Subcultures
    Shamanism, Heathenism, Satanism

  4. Forms of Clinical-Psychotherapeutic Theory and Practice
    Spiritual Emergencies, Transpersonal and Integral Psychology, Spirituality and Religiosity in Psychotherapy Practice, Trauma and Recovered Memory, Pathologization

  5. Borders and Border-Crossings
    Reactions to Collective Border-Experiences, Communication with "Maximum Strangers"; (eg. Ghosts, Angels, Aliens), Rituals of Border-Crossing

  6. Violation of Social and Legal Norms
    Occult Crime, Satanic Ritual Abuse, Conspiracies

  7. Media and Discourses
    Proliferation of Occult Interpretations, Strategies of Discourses, Individual and Collective Media Reception, Conspiracy Theories

  8. Ad-Hoc Field Research
    Ad-hoc Investigations of Paranormal Phenomena, Documentation and Comparatistic Case Studies

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If you are seeking for advice concerning your own paranormal experiences please contact the counseling service of the IGPP

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