Gerhard Mayer (2003). Schamanismus in Deutschland. Konzepte - Praktiken - Erfahrungen.

[Shamanism in Germany. Concepts - Practices - Experiences]

This volume offers an overview on shamanistic concepts, practices and experiences in the German-speaking areas. It first provides a systematic overview of the various forms of shamanism and of the most common introductory offers, followed by the main part in which the results of a field study are presented. Observations at different shamanistic seminars in German-speaking areas, as well as in-depth interviews provide a broad range of insights into biography and motives, beliefs and experiences of shamanic practitioners. They show a wide variety of individual differences as well as striking similarities, especially with regard to spiritual and extraordinary experiences. The book allows not just for an experiencing of the difficulties of a natural handling of extraordinary and spiritual experiences in a sceptical and hostile cultural surrounding. It also shows possibilities of how individually adjusted strategies which develop from the inconsistencies, experienced by the affected people and their social environment, can be productively resolved.

Gerhard Mayer: Schamanismus in Deutschland. Konzepte - Praktiken - Erfahrungen. Würzburg: ERGON Verlag 2003.
ISBN: 3-89913-306-4   165 Seiten   Preis: 24,00 Euro

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