Theory and Data Analysis


The Department of Theory and Data Analysis at IGPP was established in April 1998. Its mission is the analysis and interpretation of empirical results within mind-matter research. This includes (1) developing theoretical models related to the body of knowledge of the relevant scientific disciplines; and (2) developing new methods for data analysis and proposing new lines of experimentation. The main research areas are statistics and data analysis, theoretical physics, cognitive science and neuroscience and philosophy of science. The department has ongoing interdisciplinary collaborations with a number of researchers, maintains an active research visitors program and engages in a variety of educational activities, including the possibility of masters theses or PhD theses.

For some scattered ideas and observations concerning the role of theory in scientific work in general see this essay. A documentation of the department's recent projects and their results can be obtained in the corresponding section of the institute's biennial report 2010/2011 .

Mind and Matter, an international interdisciplinary journal of mind-matter research, is edited by the department office since 2003.


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