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The Institute for Frontier Areas of Psychology and Mental Health engages in systematic and interdisciplinary research concerning insufficiently understood phenomena and anomalies at the frontiers of current scientific knowledge. These include altered states of consciousness, exceptional human experiences, mind-matter relations, and their social, cultural and historical contexts from the perspectives of the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences.

The Institute maintains a broadly conceived program offering information, education and counseling for people with exceptional experiences, a comprehensive special library and a research archive for parapsychology and frontier areas of psychology.

The Institute is ideologically neutral and institutionally independent. It cooperates with numerous domestic and international universities and research institutions. It contributes to the education of undergraduate and graduate students.

The Institute was founded in 1950 by physician and psychologist Hans Bender, one of the pioneers of parapsychological research. As a non-profit organization it is mainly funded by a private foundation. Today it is the largest institution of its kind worldwide.

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