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 Fanny Moser


Dr. Fanny Moser (1872–1953) was one of the rst women to study medicine and natural sciences in Freiburg, Zurich and Munich. She received her doctorate in 1902 with a zoological thesis. In 1914, she took part in a mediumistic séance and witnessed a spectacular table levitation that shattered her scientic world view. In the following decades, supported by a unique source collection and research library, Fanny Moser undertook a critical examination and reappraisal of the entire eld of Mesmerism, Hypnotism, Spiritism, Occultism and early parapsychological research up to the 1930s, which led to the publication of her opus magnum Okkultismus – Täuschungen und Tatsachen (München, 1935, Reprint 1977). Together with her second major volume Spuk – Irrglaube oder Wahrglaube? Eine Frage der Menschheit (Zürich, 1950; Reprint 1977), published in 1950, Fanny Moser bequeathed – from a historical point of view – two groundbreaking works on German-language parapsychological research.

 Hauptwerke: Okkultismus, Spuk

In her will, Fanny Moser decided to create a foundation to establish and secure research in the tradition of her two works. She assigned this task to the pioneer of academic parapsychological research after the Second World War, the Freiburg professor of psychology Hans Bender (1907–1991), and to the Institut für Grenzgebiete der Psychologie und Psychohygiene e.V (IGPP) founded by him in 1950. Fanny Moser thus became the IGPP's rst patron, and her legacy enabled a part of the Institute's research and counseling work to be carried out in a modest way for decades. The testamentary decree also stipulated that a prize should be awarded regularly for the "best work" on the research topics she herself had studied. This prize was awarded for the rst time in 1982; Eberhard Bauer (IGPP Freiburg) is the only winner to date. On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the IGPP in 2020, the testamentary decree is to be fully enacted. The Fanny Moser Award is endowed with 3,000 euros and is to be awarded regularly every three years.


The prize is to be awarded to a scientically published work (including outstanding qualication work). The publication must be explicitly related to Fanny Moser's research on paranormal and anomalistic experiences and phenomena. The subject can be empirical-experimental, theoretical-conceptual, clinical-therapeutic, natural scientic, art historical, cultural scientic, social scientic or historical. The publication of the work should not have taken place more than three years ago and should document an outstanding academic achievement.


Proposals and applications must be sent to the jury by email by 15 January 2020. They should contain the following documents: a copy of the scientic work to be considered, a letter of application and a curriculum vitae. The award ceremony is expected to take place in Freiburg in May 2020.


PDF: Fanny-Moser-Award_en.pdf


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